Tuesday, 20 August 2013
Full Professional Member
Full Member - Diploma of Aromatherapy


150 hours of Face to Face Aromatherapy Training (inc course outline & content)

100 Hours of Massage or * equivalent complimentary health qualification (inc course outline & content)

100 hours Anatomy and Physiology

Current First Aid Level 2 / Seniors qualification.

Application form available in Acrobat PDF by clicking here.

* Note: Those with 150 hours of Aromatherapy training and who use another modality other than massage eg Herbal medicine, Kinesiology, Reflexology will provide details of other training, including copies of Certificates/ Diplomas with this application.
‘Diploma’ courses in years past that met the relevant standards of that day are eligible for membership.

The AAMA will accept your certificate of membership with other recognised Aromatherapy organisations as recognition of your Aromatherapy qualifications. You are required to send copies of your Diploma’s / Certificates with this membership application including payment, i.e. I.F.P.A, I.F.A, and ATMS, etc.

Membership Fee is $100 yearly from 1st July to 31st June annually. A once off joining fee of $30 applies on initial application.

NOTE: These are the requirements as of 1st January 2000 and will be updated as required and in consultation with the membership.